A good old fashioned sweet shop with just about everything you could ever want. The only thing I couldn't find were spearmint chews but maybe they're only a British thing? The sweets were great and helped us get over the long journey back across the pond. Well worth a visit if you're in the area.

This place is the best! Not for your teeth, mind you, but for every atom involved in happiness. This place makes you think a diabetic coma wouldn't be so bad. All my favorite candies from childhood were here. I reminisced over lost fillings while gazing at Jujubees. I remembered the disappointing taste of biting through the wax tips confining colored sugar water, and waxed (no pun intended) nostalgic about how cool I looked puffing out clouds of sugar from my candy cigarette. They have 2 varieties of Razzles! I left with a bag of black licorice schnauzers and Spree. So, one of the great days of my life.

If the golden ticket is what you seek the golden ticket you will find at Uncle Willy's it's so Devine anything and everything is here. Such rare treasures also. I'm 41years old and I felt like I stepped back in time to my childhood they really had it all.

This is a quaint little shop off of Main Street in downtown Camden. It is cheerful decorated and full of all types of candy. Up stairs is a JellyBelly display with all of the flavors individually ready to serve. There are also barrels of different flavors of taffy. You will find a counter full of chocolates, truffles and fudges sold by the pound. If you are looking for some old candy of yesterday, you can find that here too. The staff is friendly and eager to serve.

Great variety, fun music playing just begging you to buy more candy, Mary Poppins, Willy Wonka, etc. Lots of hard to find treats. As parents, we loved it as much as the kids. Worth 2 visits at least, to get what you missed the first time.